Tuesday, February 9, 2010

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Tackle It Tuesday

Hello hello from snowland! That's right, it started snowing at some point and isn't supposed to let up until tonight. Gee, just when I was starting to enjoy temperatures reaching 31. Well, that's what I get for living where I do. Lots of snow and not a good Chinese or Mexican restaurant for miles and miles... Does anyone feel sorry for me yet? Want to ship me some good beef and broccoli? *grins* No, I didn't figure.

Well, since it's snowing and the van is being well...old, I won't be going out anywhere today. So, I've decided it's the perfect day to tackle my stove top. Right now, it's half covered with canned goods that I need to throw out and some food I need to put into a bag and list on freecycle. Clearly I didn't totally complete my mission yesterday when I cleaned out those cupboards. I'll do that first thing and then I'm going to give the stove a good scrubbing. It's one of those flat top glass ones so I need to really scrub. The owners of the house didn't leave it for me in pristine condition so I think I'm still scrubbing off some of what they left. Then, once that's done, it will be back to "The Wall." I'm going to start tackling the drawers in there so that I can start putting things away where they belong. Sounds fun, right? Y'all wanna rush right over and help, right? No? Well, that's ok...I'll just give you a challenge of your own to make up for it. *winks*

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it is to go back into your kitchen. Yes, the kitchen. I want you to open up your cupboards under your sink and see what insanity lurks within. *grins* Ok, that was getting a bit dramatic, even for me. Open up those doors and see what's hiding in there. Do you have cleaners that you never use? Boxes of trashbags that have gotten shoved to the back so you forgot you had them and went and bought more? I know that under mine, I have about a dozen vases. Trust me, it's on my declutter list. So, I want all of you to clear all of that stuff out and put back only what you love or what you'll use.

Good luck!


Upstatemamma said...

Can I accept the challenge in the morning? I'm too tired now. :)

Jim said...

OK, about the only thing I got to tackle today was snow. It took me a couple hours and two tanks of gas to snowblow, and I just know I will have to again in the morning. Hopefully the morning snowblowing goes alot quicker. I honestly will get to the Pyrex soon!

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