Friday, February 26, 2010

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Finish It Friday

Wow, I'm not getting to write this until Friday is nearly finished. I had planned on writing it this morning but had to go into Hastings a few hours earlier than I had planned. Thank goodness Peter texted me and told me that the kids didn't end up having school today. I'm glad that he did because the roads between here and there weren't great and if I'd waited until regular time, they would have been absolutely miserable.

Donna was great and had the boys all ready for us to go when I got there. She's actually really good about that. She seems nice. I haven't gotten to know her super well. I sometimes get the feeling that she's not comfortable being friendly with me. I dunno. Maybe someday we'll all be friends. It would be best for the boys plus it never hurts to have friends, right?

So, the boys and I ran out to Walmart and got what we needed there and then tried to hurry through the grocery store. That didn't quite go as quickly as I'd have liked but we got through pretty quick. The drive back was pretty tense because the roads were just getting worse and worse and I think I've become a bit paranoid about driving the van. I was sure glad when we got back into the driveway. I'm also glad that I spent all that time shoveling over the past two days. Even with all the snow coming down, we pulled right back into the driveway and because of the path I'd shoveled out, we pretty easily got all of the groceries inside and put away.

What did I finish? Well, I'm counting that stressful drive. My other goal is to finish having the tension headache that it gave me. I've popped a couple of tylenol and I'm just waiting for them to kick in. Since it's so late in the day, I'm not going to give you guys an organizing mission. Enjoy your snowday!


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TracyC said...

Ahhhh...the roads were terrible Friday. Driving the girls home after school gave me a tension headache too.

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