Saturday, February 13, 2010

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Save the Planet Saturday - Electricity Tips Part 3

Happy weekend, everyone! I hope you're all having a great one. Over here, things are going just great. Nothing seems to be going as planned, but we're having a great time together, just being a family. I love that as fast as Roger is growing up, he's still my little boy who can get excited about little boy things. I love that both of the boys like to just sit and have family time talking. In fact, they quite often ask if we can do it. I think it helps them handle the changes that are happening in all of our lives.

So how is the weather where all of you are? Winter is still very firmly in place up here in Michigan and I have been working on keeping all of us warm. This is an old house and pretty drafty so I think that we feel that 68 degree as cooler than it really is. It does keep the heating bill down though and it's why I've kept all of our blankets while doing various purges.

Speaking of heating and energy bills (great transition, huh? lol), I'm going to just give you a few more quick tips on how to keep those bills down.

1. Install efficient shower heads
2. Fix leaks - Did you know that 1 leak of one drip per second can cost $1 per month?
3. Improve your window shades - Keeping room darkening shades on your windows can keep warmth in during the winter and heat out during the summer.
4. Change your television display. - Did you know that most televisions are defaulted to showroom settings? If you lower the display setting down to home or the equivalent, you'll extend the life of your television and lower the amount of energy it needs to run.
5. Watch television as a family. - In most households, more than one tv is now the norm. Instead of everyone going and watching multiple tvs, have a family tv night or movie night.
6. Turn the tv off. - Bring back the family game night. Dedicate one day/night a week where the television remains off and you do something as a family. Play cards or board games or go hang out at the local park.

All of these seem like such little things, but a dollar here and there adds up to multiple dollars over a course of a year. These are all things that we can all do. Now, since tomorrow is Valentine's Day, I'm going to give you a really simple challenge. I'm pretty sure I haven't done this yet for our 28 day challenge, but if I have, I expect all of you to let me know.

Valentine's Day is all about love and it's not unusual for us to wear a little something special on that day. I want all of you to go to your "unmentionables" drawer and sort out anything that you wouldn't want a hot new love to see. That's right. I want you to get rid of all those panties/boxers/underclothes that have holes in them. I want those mismatched socks or holey socks gone! Make sure that your drawer is only filled with things that when you put it on it makes you feel sexy. That's right, even if you don't have a special someone in your life, you deserve to feel sexy. Sexy is empowering. Did you know that your underwear can actually increase your confidence level? I know that when I want to give myself just that little extra boost, I put on something that makes me feel really good. I want you all to experience that so get rid of anything you don't love so that every day can be Valentine's Day for your panty drawer.


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Jim said...

heh ... unmentionables. Well, I am way ahead of you on that. I recently did just that thing. I got rid of my mismatched socks and I got rid of boxers with holes and bought new ones. I get to take the day off from challenges! :P

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