Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Days

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August 12-17 was absolutely fantastic, I have to say. Justin came up to visit us and we had a wonderful time. The boys had never met him so I was a little nervous, but they adored him. I should have known that they would. It is so rare for them to dislike anyone.

On Wednesday, we all went to go see The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything. I have to say that Jonah was a much better movie. I think the loss of Phil Vischer at Big Idea really showed. What also showed was the theatre's screw up. They played 2 free movies; Alvin and the Chipmunks and Veggies. So we troop into Theatre 14 with our popcorn and drinks and get comfy...just to hear the opening of Alvin. Oops! I went down with 1 other parent (I can't believe that nobody else was willing to say anything) and told them of the screw up. Next thing I know, we have to switch theatres! Oy..imagine something like 200 people, most of which are kids, trying to get out of one and into the other and vise versa. We did enjoy the outting though and followed it up with pizza and grocery shopping before spending the rest of the day relaxing.

Thursday was totally spent lounging around the house and just enjoying each other's company. Friday though was another story! We decided to pack us all up and head over to the zoo. We had a great time and saw all of the animals except for the giraffes and otters. That's the 2nd time we've gone and not seen the otters! Silly things!

My popsicle!

You have to brush carefully.

Can I have my ball?

Three Handsome Men

We spent our Saturday relaxing and enjoying each other's company and then Justin and I were lucky enough to be able to go out and have some nice grown up time together that night. Taking him to the airport on Sunday was sad, but we can't wait for him to come visit again!

Pazzles Fun

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So, like I mentioned, I got to go with Steph and Klo to the show in Valley Forge, PA. All I can say is whew, it is always an adventure. I got up at the crack of dawn after like zero sleep and got to the airport. My flights were all on time and I arrived in Philly safe and sound. I think Klo and Steph forgot me though! I had to wait like an hour or more for them to come and fetch me. They were out looking for someplace for lunch! Anyway, they did come get me and I was quite content to sit in the back seat and just relax for the drive. I confess...I love being chauffered around. There weren't many pictures taken of the weekend..yet again, my batteries died. This time I had new ones, but I'd forgotten to charge them before the trip! Oy! Here are the ones I do have, though :

Lighthouse in Port Huron, MI
The lighthouse I just *had* to take a picture of for Klo!

Famous Klo -- Trying to hide behind dark shades, but we all recognize her! This time she actually signed an autograph!

Steph's Fence
Steph's beautiful fence picture.

Entry Way
The gatehouse.

I have no idea how many machines we actually sold..somewhere around 16, I think. I do know that I was worn out when I got home! All that loading and unloading of boxes off of pallets, I think. Steph and I had a lot of fun playing pranks on Klo..like Famous Klo stood here! As always, the company was the best and the food was good. I cannot wait until the next one!


Another Month?!?

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Holy cow! How the heck has it been another month since I last posted? I obviously don't have the first clue..lol! So, I'm gonna do a few posts to help catch up and seriously am going to work on putting posting back into my daily routine.

So...first fun thing... I got to go to Michigan to see my family. I was only there for about 12 hours before I flew off to Philly for a fantastic show with Steph and Klo! Here are just a few of the pictures from there...

Aren't we handsome?
Don't these two look like the same kid? It's hard to believe that they're cousins!

Alex, Brianna, Dominic & Caitlyn
My sister's kids : Alex, Brianna, Dominic & Caitlyn

Caitlyn Arlene
A very sweet, but grungy Caitlyn

I gotcha Grandma!
Dominic & His Great-Grandmother

Keep your eyes open for another update real soon! I have Philly pics, not many but a few to post and all sorts of other updates to come!


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