Tuesday, August 26, 2008

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Another Month?!?

Holy cow! How the heck has it been another month since I last posted? I obviously don't have the first clue..lol! So, I'm gonna do a few posts to help catch up and seriously am going to work on putting posting back into my daily routine.

So...first fun thing... I got to go to Michigan to see my family. I was only there for about 12 hours before I flew off to Philly for a fantastic show with Steph and Klo! Here are just a few of the pictures from there...

Aren't we handsome?
Don't these two look like the same kid? It's hard to believe that they're cousins!

Alex, Brianna, Dominic & Caitlyn
My sister's kids : Alex, Brianna, Dominic & Caitlyn

Caitlyn Arlene
A very sweet, but grungy Caitlyn

I gotcha Grandma!
Dominic & His Great-Grandmother

Keep your eyes open for another update real soon! I have Philly pics, not many but a few to post and all sorts of other updates to come!


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