Monday, November 19, 2012

Lilla Rose Review & Giveaway!

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For most of my adult life, I've had trouble finding hair clips that work with my hair. The problem is that I have thick hair and according to those who cut my hair, a lot of it. Normal clips just won't hold it. I've lost track of the number of clips and barrettes that I've broken in the attempts. In the end, I resorted to just using scrunchies and let's face it, those aren't the most glamorous of options in the hair fun world.

Then, out of the blue, I received an email from Elizabeth Williams. She wanted me to try out Lilla Rose flexi clips and tell y'all about them. I'll be honest. I was skeptical. I had tried other clips and no luck. However, I wanted to be fair, so I said sure! She sent me this gorgeous clip and that was it. I was in love. The clips come in a variety of sizes so they fit pretty much any hair type out there. Did I mention that they're gorgeous too? I have no idea how many styles there are but enough that you could practically have one for every day of the year without repeating!

These are going at the top of my Christmas list. I put one in my hair and it stayed not only all day, but all night  when I forgot to take it out before bed. Combine that with just being downright pretty and you can't honestly go wrong.

Plus, Elizabeth has been kind enough to let me give one away to one of you lucky folk! Simply fill out the form and we'll be choosing a winner in a couple of weeks. A quick note on the become a customer entry. You don't have to purchase anything to do this entry! Simply click Shop Now and then New Account. Fill out the information and click Create Account and you're done!

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Did y'all know that it's only 6 weeks until Christmas? I suddenly realized that last night when I was looking at scheduling some posts over at Geekorama. Then, I had a moment of pure panic. I am just not organized about the holidays this year. Losing my grandma has thrown me all out of whack when it comes to anything that we used to spend with her. I don't even have my Christmas card list made let alone addresses collected or anything like that! Ahh!

Then I realized, may just save my hiney this year. I can go to the site, create a unique and personalized card and they can send it for me. No time standing in the store or waiting in line at the post office. Whew!

How about you? Are you set for the holidays? If not or heck, even if you are, why not head over to and try out the site? Create a card and then using the code TREATBLOGR, send off that card for Free*. Give them a shot and when you're done, come on back here and tell us about your experience. We would love to know!


*Free card offer only valid 11/19 and 11/20/2012.

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Shutterfly Thank The Troops Campaign

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Over 1.5 million troops serve our great nation. Many of them will be overseas, in harm’s way, and away from their families over this holiday season. Our mission is simple—to send a thank you card to every American hero. To succeed we need your support. Just select a card from 4 different designs, add a personal message (or photo) and click send.  Shutterfly will print and ship your card to the troops at no cost to you.

I encourage you to create a card for the troops. Give back to the people who are giving up their time with their families so that you can be safe with yours. It doesn't matter if you know someone in the military...a card is a card and when you're far from home, every little bit matters. If you're like me, getting a card in the mail is one of the most amazing feelings ever. You know that someone took the time to pick it out, just for you. Now, imagine that you're what feels like a million miles from home and you open up a card that a total stranger sent to say thank you for what you do. Be someone who puts a smile on someone's face this holiday season. I just bet that it will put a smile not only on a soldier's face but one on yours as well.


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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Book Review: A Merry Little Christmas

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Franny Martin is an Oklahoma farm girl who’s preparing to spend the holidays alone…again. Then Charlie Landau shows up one day, all wealth and polish, and offers to buy Franny’s farm. Franny has no money to speak of, but she is clever and spirited, and she’s more than happy to sell the farm and move to the city.
As Sinatra croons from the radio and Christmas descends upon her charming farm, Franny teaches Charlie the curious and sometimes comical ways of country life. In the process, they unearth some discoveries of the heart—that sometimes love comes when you’re least ready for it. Will the holidays bring their most impossible dreams within reach?

This book was a bit of a slow start for me, but once it got going, I just kept going with it. Franny is so sweet and a bit naive. Charlie is so polished and yet damaged. When they come together, a beautiful story flows.

For more information about this book, check out the blog tour landing page where you can learn about the author, the book and any giveaways that may currently be going on.


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