Tuesday, August 26, 2008

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Pazzles Fun

So, like I mentioned, I got to go with Steph and Klo to the show in Valley Forge, PA. All I can say is whew, it is always an adventure. I got up at the crack of dawn after like zero sleep and got to the airport. My flights were all on time and I arrived in Philly safe and sound. I think Klo and Steph forgot me though! I had to wait like an hour or more for them to come and fetch me. They were out looking for someplace for lunch! Anyway, they did come get me and I was quite content to sit in the back seat and just relax for the drive. I confess...I love being chauffered around. There weren't many pictures taken of the weekend..yet again, my batteries died. This time I had new ones, but I'd forgotten to charge them before the trip! Oy! Here are the ones I do have, though :

Lighthouse in Port Huron, MI
The lighthouse I just *had* to take a picture of for Klo!

Famous Klo -- Trying to hide behind dark shades, but we all recognize her! This time she actually signed an autograph!

Steph's Fence
Steph's beautiful fence picture.

Entry Way
The gatehouse.

I have no idea how many machines we actually sold..somewhere around 16, I think. I do know that I was worn out when I got home! All that loading and unloading of boxes off of pallets, I think. Steph and I had a lot of fun playing pranks on Klo..like Famous Klo stood here! As always, the company was the best and the food was good. I cannot wait until the next one!


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