Monday, February 8, 2010

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28 Day Challenge - Day 8 (Photo Update)

Well, I promised you a photo update and here you go! These really should say day 7 because other than to take these photos, I haven't had the chance to step foot into "The Wall" today. I expect that tomorrow I'll have far more time and will actually begin to dig into what's left in there, which is a lot.

Wall Unit
This is the wall unit that I managed to get hung after about 4 tries. A laser level might have come in handy there.

The Wall - Day 8
This is a shot from just inside the door. The cardboard box tucked partially under the card table is actually full of items to be listed on freecycle. All of the other boxes you might see have all been gone through once and all of the obvious trash and get rid of items have been taken out of them.
The Wall - Day 8
This is standing in the doorway and taking a photo straight in. You'll notice that I discovered I had tables under all of those boxes. Those tables are now covered with other things that are no longer in boxes, which is good because I can see what's there now.
Plastic Drawers
And these are my storage drawers that I also managed to find hiding in all of those boxes. As you can see, I did get in there yesterday and put all of those labels onto the drawer fronts. Sadly, I still have to go through all of those drawers and organize them because what's in them doesn't match the lovely new labels.

So, there we go. At the end of week 1, I have managed to go through all of the boxes and bags and this is what I'm left with. Only 20 more days to go and I'm sure hoping I can finish up this challenge!



Jim said...

Wow! Go you! I never did finish my Finish-it Friday jobs of tupperware and pan cabinet. I just tonight got that last of the dishes and wiping down done after SuperBowl Sunday's festivities. One of my vaccums is broken, so I am down to one (not counting the Rainbow) and I have some vacuuming to be done upstairs, so I think I will do that before I tackle the cabinet (maybe I can do that for Tackle-It Tuesday?

Deanne said...

Great job! I'm impressed! Keep at it and you'll make it in time. It's hard though - with things coming up in life and all of that...but you have a great start! Just think of how much you already have done! Doesn't the picture thing just do wonders? I love it! I'm proud of you, Katie! You should be too! I hope you are giving yourself a nice pat on the back for all that you have accomplished so far!

Jim said...

Quick update: Did the vacuuming (used the Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner) and based ont he yuck factor when I emptied it out, I think I waited too long before vacuuming. So definately today's challenge (my pan cabinet) as my Tackle-It Tuesday, and perhaps some vacuuming downstairs as well.

Deanne said...

Well, I did it. Got my picture update done. It's a work in progress...I'll give it that much. And we have had one really sick kiddo this weekend, but overall, I think it's coming along pretty well indeed!

Unknown said...

I think I need you to come down and help me get organized. :)

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