Tuesday, February 16, 2010

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28 Day Challenge - Day 15 (Photo Update 2)

Ok, I told you I'd be back with photos and I am. Now, I know I worked in "The Wall" last week but ugh, by looking at the photos, I just can't see it. I'm starting to have serious doubts as to whether or not I'll even come close to finishing this challenge. I only have 11 days left and in those 11 days, I have to spend hours at the mechanics and (in theory), go into Hastings and spend a day there. Ugh! Well, I'm not giving up even if I am feeling beaten at this. If it's not done, well at least it will be closer to done, right? Right. So, here we go..."The Wall"....

Craft/Tech Table - Day 15

The Wall from the doorway, looking in. You can see I got the table clothes on both of the tables and am starting to organize them.

PC Corner - Day 15

This is the PC corner. The desk is still covered with items and there's a pile of things to the left of the chair.

Wall Unit 2 - Day 15

This is the crookedly hung wall rack over by the PC. I've been using the ribbon holders to hold various cords as I find them. I have no idea what a lot of these go to but I hope to figure it out soon.

Wall Unit 1 - Day 15

The wall rack that is hanging by the door to the room. This one is hung straight and is slowly filling up with a variety of items.

Craft Table Progress - Day 15

This is what will be my crafting table. I got a lot of the core pieces into place but it's covered with the corkboards that I somehow have to get hung up behind it. Sometimes I wish I were 6 inches taller so I could actually reach. The box on the corner of the table is actually freecycled items that should be picked up by noon tomorrow.

Floor - Day 15

And this folks is what has me paniced. This is the floor by the two tables. The space under the tables is full and it's flowing out from under both tables. I know that I have to cut this amount down to at least half, if not more, for it to fit into this space. That's a lot of tough decisions to make and like most emotional packrats, it's tough for me to do this but I know that I have to.


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