Saturday, February 27, 2010

# save the planet saturday

Save the Planet Saturday

It's nearly midnight and your family is all tucked into bed and dreaming sweet dreams of when all of the snow is gone and you no longer have to shovel. Ok, maybe that's just what I dream about. Maybe you guys dream of much more enjoyable things. I sure hope so!

Now, you know where you are. You know where your kids are and what they're doing. Do you know what your vents are doing? They're gathering dust! I know! How dare they?!? Well, they are. Those sweet little vents are collecting dust and debris. Do you know what dust and debris do? They block the maximum airflow of those very vents that we adore. Ok, maybe we don't adore them but we do want them to work to their full potential, right? How do we do this? We spend some time dusting or vacuuming those vents. This will help our heating (and cooling) systems work easier and for shorter periods of time. What does that do? It helps them last longer and lowers our energy bills!


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