Tuesday, February 2, 2010

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28 Day Challenge - Day 2 (The Plan)

Did anyone else hear the dramatic music when they read the title? I swear saying The Plan makes me hear "da da dum" (that's dramatic cliff hanger type music if you don't speak musical gibberish) in my head every single time. Maybe I need to lay off the fruit loops, they may be affecting my..oh, who am I kidding, I'm this weird all the time..hehe

Over on the challenge (see? did you hear the music there too?..ahem..), Laura is talking all about having a plan. I agree with her, having a plan is a good thing and I never tackle any major project without one. Since "The Wall" is a major project, I have a plan. It's a good plan too..really, it is. Wanna see it? Promise you'll someday believe I really am a naturally organized person? Would homemade cookies help convince you? Ok, so I don't have any right now, but I do have Oreos. Would Oreos work? No? Well, I'm going to show you the plan anyway, maybe that will help.

The Plan
Step 1: Go through all boxes in room and remove trash and do an easy purge.* Put all keep items into other boxes and/or put easy to put away items where they go.
Step 2: Move all remaining boxes to computer side of the room.
Step 3: Get all organizational products into place so things can be put away.
Step 4: Start the "micro-organization"** part of the project.
Step 5: Admit that I have an addiction to certain things.
Step 6: Look for a program to help me deal with that addiction.
Step 7: Realize that looking for said program isn't dealing with the issue and do another harder purge.
Step 8: Get totally exasperated with the amount of stuff and toss it all on the floor Once items are all together by group, organize those groups.
Step 9: Bring in office chairs.
Step 10: Setup boys crafting space.
Step 11: Hang items on walls.
Step 12: Jump up and down in the now cleared floor space and yell yay a lot.

And that folks, is my 12 step program..ermm...plan to getting "The Wall" turned into a room.


* - An easy purge is one where there is no maybe. If it's a maybe, it's a keep. All no items get dropped into the freecycle box.
** - Micro-organization: The process of organizing things into their unique type..photos with photos, office supplies with office supplies, etc.


Anonymous said...

Breaking it down helps! Let's put our plan into action!

Karen said...

Love your plan! I miss freecycle! I used it quite a bit in our last home, but the local program is so disorganized, it's easier to donate everything.

gail said...

i love it! i need a 12 step program too. i was going to start in my craft room and never set a foot in it--sigh,

i also looked at your pics---acccck! you are a brave girl to post those pics. that's how my old house looked. we have purged alot already.

Jim said...

heheh ... love the 12 step plan ... maybe I need a 12 step plan to get over ummm ... ummm ... lemme see, I can't think of anything I can get over. Maybe I should get over not getting over stuff. Nah, who am I kidding? I like stewing! ;)

Deanne said...

I love it! Especially step 8.

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