Wednesday, February 3, 2010

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28 Day Challenge - Day 3 (The Sub-Plan)

I just escaped from "The Wall" and I'm glad to be alive to tell my story. Let me tell you that it's mean in there. Things falling on you, cats trying to trip you, mysterious glass shards jamming their way into your foot..I swear it's like something out of a movie with all the booby traps in there. Maybe instead of 28 Day Challenge, I ought to give these posts some sort of fancy movie title. I mean, I already hear the movie music in my head when I write about my adventures..

Now, let's see...what could I call it?

- Katie vs The Wall - nah, that sounds like a boxing match
- Katie & The Wall of Doom - hrmm...a bit depressing sounding. I'm looking for a happy ending here.
- The Wall - then we could have sequels ...The Wall Part 2 and such...
- The Wall, The Girl and The Craft Supplies - hrmm...maybe...

Anyway, while I continue to ponder that (and by the way, I'd love to hear any suggestions!), I want to write about a few realizations I have come to while working on this project.

1) This project may be bigger than I originally thought. I don't know how this is possible, but it's true.
2) It would be really nice to feel as if my family supported me instead of saying yeah, good luck..ha ha ha
3) Having online friends who get what you're going through and what you've been through is awesome.
4) This 12 step program needs sub-programs. The 12 Steps only cover the general issues.

So, with that being discovered, I want to make a note of the sub-programs that will need to be addressed.

1) School Items - Finishing my degree is all fine and dandy but now I have to do something with all the papers I wrote, etc. A few semesters ago, I came up with a great system, now I just have to complete it with the remaining seven or so semesters.
2) File System - I need to redo my filing system, purging things I no longer need and organizing those that I do need. I wish I had some colored file folders.
3) Craft Items - While I have plenty of storage space for most items, it may be time to go through my stamp sets and do a bit of consolidating. Then, I'd need to price them and list them on either Craigs List or eBay.
4) Office Supplies - Ok, I may be a junkie. I have tons of pens, highlighters, markers, post it notes and notebooks. I'm going to need to go through those and slim down the stack. My goal is 1 storage tote for all of those items.

So, that's my new list. Well, actually it's an addendum to the old list. I'm happy to see that I have really great bones to this organizational system. I just let that place in Buffalo (also known as The Dark Period) overwhelm me and I never finished any of it. Well, now that I'm in Sunfield, we can't call it The Dark Period anymore so it's time to move into the light and into knowing where things are.

On a more negative note, my suspicions are being confirmed that the people I previously lived with stole from me. Upon recent inspection, I discovered that the memory had been stolen out of the computer I had stored in the garage. As I'm going through other boxes and realizing that there aren't any more clothes boxes, I've realized that two of my very nice (and expensive) dresses are gone, as well. On top of that, I can't find any of my Christmas tree decorations. This is the most troubling because it includes ornaments that go back to my childhood, not to mention all of the boys' special ornaments. This is incredibly disappointing to me as these people were supposed to be my friends.

Well, no use dwelling on it and letting it get me down. I can't do a darned thing about it. Not to mention that I am out of there and will never have to see these people again. I'm in a happy place and who knows, maybe I'll lose enough weight and come up with enough money to reward myself with another lovely dress for those special nights out that come maybe once or twice a year. *grins*



Jim said...

hrm .... interesting ... good to have a plan. I was thinking something similar in my life recently. Remember the whole thing about friends? I kind of created a little plan, but I haven't followed through. Maybe I need some sub-plans too!

Deanne said...

Thanks so much for the mid-afternoon encouragement session. Oh my word! Do you know how many walls I scrubbed today? And the first thing that smallest boy did when he walked in the door? He grabbed a marker - which I grabbed right back! Nuh uh buddy, not happenin'.

We made some more progress in the rooms - I will create a post later tonight probably with updated pictures.

Oh - and the kids appreciated the work we put into it - except Boy B - who wanted to know why we left such a mess to be dealt with.

Karen said...

Katie, love the part about the sub-program - I'm right there with you! And maybe there needs to be a12-step program for office supply addiction, because I fight this one on every level!

Sorry to hear about your loss of loved items and other things. I think I will always be amazed at the lack of respect some people possess towards the belongings of others.

Take care.

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