Saturday, February 6, 2010

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Save the Planet Saturday

Hey, everyone. I don't know where to start writing this post. I found out tonight that Anita passed away today. For those of you who don't know who Anita is, I encourage you to click on the link and read about this amazing woman. Anita was only 36 and she leaves behind a husband and three beautiful children. This has hit me really hard and honestly, I think I've been sitting here in shock since I found out.

I do, however, want to leave you with a post for today. I think, if anything, knowing Anita has taught me that I can't waste a single minute that I have on this planet and that I need to grab hold of what's important to me. This blog is important to me. It's my outlet, my connection and so many other things.

Now, on to my tip for today:

I know that a lot of you have kids, grandkids or maybe even just know some kids. I have kids and one thing I've realized is that having kids seems to mean you go through a lot of plastic sandwich bags. It seems like everything you send to school gets put into a ziplock bag. Of course, then those sandwich bags get lost or thrown away which just means filling up landfills. So, I have a little tip for you. Instead of sending in those soup labels, boxtops, lunch money, book order forms, etc in ziptop bags, save the envelopes that your bills and junk mail come in and send them in those. That way, you're not spending money on so many bags and you're reusing something that you would probably just toss into the recycle bin anyway! Plus, once the teacher is done with them, a lot of schools have recycling programs so the envelopes get recycled. Double bonus!

And, that's my tip for this Saturday. Now, what's your challenge? I think we're going to go up to the bedrooms today. I want you to take just a few minutes and look at your nightstand. Just yours, don't worry about the hubby's, wife's or anyone else's. Just yours. Is it filled with things you love? Or is it like mine gets sometimes with a stack of books that's waiting to fall over any minute, dirty cups and sometimes..ewww...dirty tissues? If it's in the second category, I want you to take care of anything that doesn't belong there. Then, run a quick dust cloth over it and put it back together with only the things you love or need on it.

And that's it! Easy-peasy and I will see you back here on Monday with updated pictures of "The Wall" and my menu plan for next week!

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Angela @ Nine More Months said...

I don't pay my bills through the mail, so I save the envelopes that you're supposed to send in, and use those for other things like holding magazine clippings, cash for special things, etc. When we actually do have to start saving things for school I'm sure that I'll use them for that as well!

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