Tuesday, February 23, 2010

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Tackle It Tuesday

And here we are, another day and another blog post. I do love my blog. Do all of you love yours? I mean really you should. It ought to be the one place you can go and just smile when you see it because it's all yours. If you don't love it, you should change it until you do.

Now, after that bit of deep wisdom, I bet y'all can't wait to see what I'm going to be doing today. Of course, really you already know because I told you yesterday. Today, I am tackling my craft table. I am thrilled to report that not only did I get those other 2 tables done yesterday, but I also started working on the desk. That's mostly because I was bored and when I'm bored I start to putter. Well, I puttered my way to a nearly finished desk which is just a nice head start.

So, did any of you get to see ice dancing last night? I am so bummed. Our satellite box decided it no longer wanted to work the other night. According to tech support, they say the hard drive in it must have failed. What is it with me and technology lately? I still haven't heard back from Dell and now this. Calgon, take me away, eh? Sheesh. So, no television for me until the replacement box comes which will probably be a couple of days. Not to mention that we just lost everything that we had recorded which is a major disappointment. They say to back up your hard drives, but how do you back up a dvr? lol!

Well, no use fussing too much over it. It's only tv, after all. It's not as if it's a hurricane or an earthquake where you could lose everything. It's just hours and hours of mindless entertainment. There, I think I feel a little better...hehe

So much better that I'm going to give you today's challenge. Are you ready? No? Well take a few deep breathes, stretch and do what you must and then scroll down a little bit and see what I have in store for you.

Challenge -- Let's go to the linen closet. I don't think we've stopped in there yet. How many towels do you have? Now, how many do you need? I'm actually putting a new towel "law" in practice around here, come the Spring (when I can easily access our camping gear). I have 4 levels of towels: bathroom, laundry room, barn and camping/outdoor events. The ones that we love and that are in good shape get to stay in the bathroom. We get to have 2 each of those. If I'm doing laundry regularly (which I ought to), that's basically one dirty, one clean. The camping/outdoor ones are those huge beach towels. I'm thinking one each of those, stored in the giant ziplock bags and tucked into our camping equipment out in the barn. Then, there's the laundry room towels. These are the ones that are starting to wear out but have tons of use left in them. I use these for dusting (the small kitchen sized ones) and for emergency spill/oh my gosh, there's water everywhere events. Once the towels get too bad for that..you know...where they're starting to wear thin or whatever, they go to the barn for use when we wash cars and stuff like that. Now, if there's any towels left after I divide them up, they'll be donated to a local animal shelter.

Did you manage to make yourself read all of that? I just want you to go through your towels, wash clothes, etc and decide if you need/love all of them that are stacked there. If not, find them a new home or a new use. Good luck!

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