Saturday, February 6, 2010

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28 Day Challenge - Day 6 (The Labels)

It's been a few days since I gave an official challenge update and Jim had noticed. So, just for him (and all of you curious souls), here's an update. I've spent the past few days working hard in there. So far, I've collected 6 boxes of things for freecycle and 2 trash bags full of recycling. All but two boxes of freecycling is gone and I'll be listing the rest of it tomorrow. I don't want to give away everything I've been doing, so I'm just going to show you one picture. This is a sneak peek of the labels that I made today for my plastic storage drawers.

Plastic Drawer Labels

How are all of you doing with your challenge? I think I'm going to have to take Day 7 off because I'm working kgb tomorrow, but I'll be diving right back in on Monday!


Jim said...

Keep it going! I didn't get to my jobs today (for shame, for shame!)but I will try to get to them tomorrow in between making fresh baked rolls and getting my kitchen ready for Superbowl Sunday.

Kimberly said...

You are doing SO well! I wanted to do the challenge, however will likely be scrambling around the last week trying to finish it, as I haven't been following day by day!

Anonymous said...

Keep it up! I did very little yesterday because my in-laws were here, and we had 2 birthday parties today (one for a church friend's daughter, and then my little girl), and tomorrow is church and superbowl party, so no updates until later. Good job!

Karen said...

You are putting me to shame! I thought I would get quite a bit done this weekend, But I had an unexpected house guest, and my plans to organize went poof! Keep up the good work!

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