Thursday, February 25, 2010

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Time for Me Thursday la la la...

No, I have no idea why I'm singing that again. It just seems to get stuck in my head when I see this graphic. I'm just hoping that today turns out to be as warm and happy as this picture. If it snows more, I'm going to scream. I shoveled so much yesterday and I didn't get the entire driveway done. There's still the chunk from the sidewalk down to the street. On the radio they kept mentioning all of these accidents and sheets of ice. Ugh! It doesn't make me look forward to the drive into Hastings, tomorrow. Hopefully even if it's cold, it stays clear so they can get out and clear up these roads.

As for today, I don't have a ton of plans. I'm going to move some stuff so I can get to the laundry room and clean the bathroom. Those are the big plans. Oh and I also need to call FedEx to come out and pick up the broken satellite box. The new one came yesterday and I got it all hooked up and working. Yay, me! I won't say that I don't need a man's help, but you know, it feels good to accomplish things on your own. In the past, I might have waited for some man to help me, but this time, I unhooked the old one and hooked up the new one all by myself. Now, I won't tell you how easy it is because I want y'all to be!

I also need to do something in the time for me category. I know! I'm going to spend some more time in "The Wall." I'm not sure what I'll do yet. I might use the pc in there to work on some more changes to the blog. I might light my candle again and relax, listening to some music. How can I do these things you ask? Because the room is done! Woohoo! I finished it! I can't wait to show y'all the pictures! In fact, I might even go ahead and put them up today. Not yet though, you're going to have to wait at least a little bit longer.

That's because I have to give you today's challenge! You didn't think I would forget, did you? Let's head into the bathroom, again. I know that we cleaned out the cabinet under the kitchen sink, but now it's time to do under the bathroom sink. I know that this area seems to collect things for me. For example, it's currently holding crafting items like shaving cream and hair gel because it's a safe place to keep them where they won't spill. Since I'm going to be cleaning my bathroom, I'm going to join you in this challenge. I might even do before/after pictures and submit them to the 28 Day Challenge. I did say I was going to do 2 small areas, after all!

Keep your eyes open for those pictures! I'll be back later!

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Deanne said...

Katie! Oh yay! I'm so proud of you! I cannot wait to see the pictures! I cannot believe you said that and then make us wait to see it! That is just so awesome! You rock! And I am totally jealous of your dedicated space to crafting and such.

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