Friday, February 5, 2010

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Finish It Friday

I'm late getting this posted, but I do hope that y'all will forgive me. I was talking to Jim and discovered that he has memory that will work in my baby. My poor laptop (my main one) has been down and out since June. I ran a memory test on it last weekend (thanks Justin for sending that to me!) and it failed test after test. Poor thing. I'm hoping that putting new memory in it will take care of the problem. So, that's why I'm late. I was busy jumping around and doing a dance that Jim rocks and is going to send me some new memory for poor lappy.

Now that that's all covered, let me fill you in on what I'm going to be doing today. Step one is that I need to take the van into the shop to have the spark plugs replaced. It's step one of the van makeover. That makeover is going to take more than 28 days but it's an important thing to be doing.

Once I'm back, I need to haul all of the recycling out to the curb. Ok, not all of it. My poor recycling guys would freak. I am putting out 4 trash bags full as well as my green tub. Then, in two weeks when they pick up again, I'll put out at least that same amount.

Then, I'll be heading back into "The Wall" for Day 5 of the Challenge. I'm thrilled with how it's coming along and I can't wait until Monday to show you what I got done in week 1 of the Challenge.

I bet you're wondering what it is I'm actually going to finish today, huh? Well, I'm finishing up some Freecycling. In the past week, I've posted 4 different lots of items and 3 of the 4 lots are going to be picked up tomorrow. I have them all boxed up, but before I head to the shop, I have to put them all out on my front porch to be picked up. I also want to bring Roger's red desk chair in off of the porch.

Do you have a plan on what you're going to finish up tomorrow? If not, here's your challenge: This weekend is the Super Bowl. Are you ready? My challenge for you is to go into your kitchen and open up your cupboards. Are they a disaster? If I asked you for something, could you put your hand right on it? Do you have any expired food in there? I want you to take one cupboard, just one and go through it, getting rid of anything you won't eat (freecycle or food pantry is good here) and anything that isn't safe to eat (trash can, please).

Well, I need to scoot or I won't make it to the shop on time. Have a great day all and make sure you stop back in tomorrow!


Karen said...

Do I win if I already have this done :) -- I went through our pantry in November. Sounds like you are really coming along -- can't wait to see your pictures next week!

Jim said...

OK, so it is late on Friday and there is no way in heck I am going to go down and do this tonight. So on Saturday I will definately do this. I need to clear out my tupperware cabinet and put the new stuff in there (I know, I know, I bought that stuff on Black Friday and STILL haven't put it away). I also need to clear out my pots and pans cupboard a bit and see about maybe freecycling some of my now duplicate Pyrex. So, since it is so late, I will Finish up Friday on Saturday.

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

I'm so glad that our trash company got rid of the small bins and now we have huge 96 gallon rolling cans for the recycling. So much easier and I can put so much more into them. I love recycling.

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