Saturday, February 20, 2010

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Save the Planet Saturday

Since I've spent time under my tech table this past week, I thought I might write just a little bit about power strips. This is going to be nice and short because I know that we all have tons to do today and I want us to enjoy our weekend, not sit here reading.

Did you know that your electronics will probably use up more electricity, in their lifetime, while they're turned off than when they're on? That's because electronics continue to draw power as long as they're plugged in. That power has to be there, ready and waiting for you to hit the on button. So, how do you prevent this? It's easy! Grab a power strip and plug your devices into it. Then, flip the switch when you go out or it's time for bed. Easy Peasy, folks!

Your quick challenge for today: Do a general inventory of your electronics. Do you have any that are broken down? That you're no longer using? If so, say goodbye to them and let them go. Make room for the things you love and clear the clutter right on out of your homes!



Deanne said...

This is so true and quite honestly, there are a number of things that we rarely use that are drawing energy constantly. I will be going through and doing an inventory tomorrow (aka later today - just that I haven't been to bed yet, so I'm still on Friday night even though it's Saturday morning) and I will be unplugging those items that we do not use very often. Just off the top of my head, I'm thinking...two TVs, two DVD players, a few game consoles (yes, I remember the post a few weeks back - but that was about turning the system itself off), my chargers, our desktop computer (probably a HUGE energy sucker!) And for that fact, probably our washer and dryer could be unplugged when not in use too. Hmmm....I've got some major thinking and planning to do. I may have to go out and buy some power strips as well - it would save me more money than it would cost me in the long run! Thanks Katie!

Deanne said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention - there are no linkys this week...and I have posts to link up.

Wendy said...

This is definitely one of those things that I have to talk to hubby about. I'm so tired of going around turning every. single. thing. off before I go to bed...and it's only doing us minimal good! Great post!

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