Tuesday, July 21, 2009

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Tackle It Tuesday - Laundry Continued

I can hear it now..but you did laundry last week, all last week! Yep, I did and while I titled this laundry, it is slightly different. I'm not lugging baskets down to the laundry room and back up. All those baskets..and all their contents are in my bedroom. Well, that's not quite accurate. Most of the towels were put away and most of the boys' clothes as well. What's left are all of my clothes and all of the bedding. So, what's the challenge? Sorting it all and getting it put away. While folding all of these things, I realized I probably have more than I need in certain areas. Like, really, how many sets of sheets do you need for one bed? Me? I know that I folded at least 3 sets of flannels (I'm sorry, but a necessity if you live in the North) and there are 3 other sets folded and put away. So, do I need the probably 6-7 other sets of sheets? Probably not. I think the same probably goes for my clothes. I won't do a count but I swear there's at least 7-10 pairs of jeans. Umm..I only have one body, folks. I wish sometimes there were more of me..like 3-4, to tackle everything. Then again, sometimes I wish there were less of me..like 50-100 pounds less of me. Can't win, I s'pose..lol!

So, there you have it. That's today's challenge. Fold, sort, put away and/or give away all of the things I spent all of last week washing. It's a big task, but I'm willing to take it on. How about all of you?


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Kath said...

Hey Katie!

Thanks for checking out my 'not-worthy-of-a-real-blogger's-visit" blog ...yea, I suck at regular blogging!

Hope you don't mind that I'm 'stalking' your blog....Nickle told me you crafted, so I was intrigued!

I saw ya in the Oh Team chat the other night, but didn't really think it was the appropriate forum to introduce myself to you...lol. I was logged in as "kstew" ...perhaps I'll gain the confidence to say hi next time! lol

the kgb thing is interesting, to say the least! ha! :D

ttyl....Kath :)

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