Friday, July 17, 2009

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Finish It Friday - My To Do List

Woo! It's Friday! Can you believe it? This week has absolutely flown by. We've been busy doing things around the house and I'm starting to catch up on my blog reading and I've posted for 5 days this week! Woo! Heh..that's the 2nd woo in one paragraph. I need to cut down on the excitement and let you know what's happening today.

So, we have a long list of chores for this Finish It Friday...these are all things that we've been working on all week long and today, we' guessed it! We're going to finish them off! So, here's our list:

Take out garbage - kitchen & bathroom
Take empty boxes to garage
Finish laundry - 1 load in dryer, 1 in washer
Put together cabinet in bathroom
Vacuum laundry room floor


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