Tuesday, July 14, 2009

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Tackle It Tuesday - Laundry!

Wow, my blogging skills are rusty! I'm still not sure that I got this image in correctly. I might have to go back and tweak it. It is tough though to focus when one of your children is on your bed growling at the other one. Geez! It's no wonder it sometimes takes me ages to get anything done. Right now, I'm trying to write this post, play War with the youngest and make sure he and his brother don't kill one another. Talk about multi-tasking!

So welcome back to Tackle It Tuesday! I'm going to be focusing on laundry this week. Oh my gosh, I have so much laundry to do! That apartment was mold and mildew city and I'm trying to save what I can. I can't show pictures yet because my "good" laptop is bluescreening and that's how I download my camera. I am taking pictures though and will post them as soon as I unpack my camera cable. What are you doing? I can't wait to hear! Post me a comment and/or head over to 5minutesformom.com and post to their Mr Linky there!



Jim said...

OOOOhhhh, Tackle it Tuesday. Actually, I have something scheduled to tackle too! If you remember, my friend Mike and I have started on an adventure hiking Wisconsin's Ice Age Trail (thanks to you getting me to read A Walk In The Woods). Anyways, we set up a website at www.mnjhiketheiat.net. The file structure is all higgledy piggledy, so I am cleaning up the website and the file structure. I want to finish it and upload it today so that I can browser check it before migrating the whole thing to the main directory to replace the current site. it wont look much different ... but it will be better. At least I think it will.

Nickle said...

Woo okay well I just got home from work and have began finishing the last of my laundry from camping and the boys laundry from when they were away!!

Miss you katie!

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