Friday, July 24, 2009

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Finish It Friday - A Slow Day?

Today's finish it project is actually really easy. Yesterday, I unpacked 7 boxes in the kitchen..yes, 7 and yes, there are still more in there. I see some decluttering appearing in my future. But, for today, the project is really simple. Three of the boxes that I unloaded yesterday contained all my glass stemware. Of course, after being in storage for 2 years, where sadly there were rats..(don't get me ranting about the place I lived for the past 2 years..heh)..well, clearly they all need to be washed. So, that's my Finish It Friday goal for today. I want to get all of them washed, dried and put away. There's a small cupboard above my fridge that should hold them perfectly, since I won't be needing to access them on a regular basis. I do think I'll leave a couple of the "cheaper" ones down though for me to use as a water glass or just something to help me feel pretty and special. A girl can never feel too pretty or special.

Now, what are all of you going to finish today? Drop me a comment and let me know!


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