Saturday, July 18, 2009

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Ahh..the Weekend...

It's been a hectic, cleaning filled week but I am so proud to say that we got everything on our lists accomplished. The house may not look different to someone who hadn't been in it before, but my gosh, we can see the differences. In fact, the scrapbooker in me insists that I go around later today and take updated pictures of everything to mark the progress.

The boys are in their room right now, doing their weekly clean up of that and I'm getting ready to start a kgb shift, hoping to bring in a little bit more money. The boys amaze me. After not being around them constantly for two years, it's a total joy for me to have them back with me (even though they go back to their dad's for school) and to have them with me in a house that we can enjoy together. They're growing up so dang fast!

This past week, they've learned how to do laundry and in fact, other than me doing things like putting in the soap and the dryer sheets and actually setting the settings, they've done all the laundry. We've worked as a team getting it washed and dried. Roger has even helped haul baskets upstairs for me to fold. Let's see, they've also been cooking with me. We've made homemade pizza and pasta salad and other things. Roger is my official let's refill the bottles helper. We're taking snapple bottles and instead of recycling them, we're reusing them. We fill them back up with water and then add the individual crystal lite type packets to them. That way the kids almost always have something to drink in a size they can handle.

Well, I should go to work so that I can then get on with the rest of my chore list. I finally managed to get my camera downloaded so if all goes well, tomorrow I'll do a photo filled post showing off my new house.


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