Wednesday, July 29, 2009

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Works For Me - Wordless Wednesday

Ok, so I'm doing a two in one post today. Aren't y'all lucky? Ok, perhaps not but I love this blog and I'm so excited to be back and posting every day! So, let's start with the Works For Me Wednesday'll never believe what I have for you this week! hehe...Ready? No, seriously..are you ready? it many of you still buy paper towels and end up with those tubes and don't know what to do with them? How many of you still get plastic shopping bags from the store? Do you have trash in your car and never seem to have a bag to toss it in? Did you answer yes to all three? Woo! Then, I have a great tip for you! I discovered that those paper towel tubes are perfect for holding plastic grocery sacks! Just decorate your tube anyway that you want, then feed the plastic bags up into it. I think I fit about 10 into the last one that I did. Then, just tuck the tube into your car and then whenever you need a new trash bag, just pull one out!

This week's never Wordless Wednesday is made up of three of my favorite pictures that I downloaded from my camera this week. I am loving this new house and loving that I am out of the basement dungeon that I was trapped in for two years. It amazes me just how much happier I am since being out in sunlight again. It's such an incredible feeling to look around and even though there are a million boxes in this house still, to know that it's all of my things and they are all in one location. Plus, having the flower beds is fantastic! I cannot wait until next summer when I have the time to really dig in and get them all gorgeous again. Enjoy this week's pictures, fresh from my camera!

Laundry Room - Done!
Garden Flower
Sweet Little Flowers


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