Thursday, July 23, 2009

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Time for Me Thursday - A Good Book

I didn't forget, I swear! Ok, it did slip my mind. The boys and I got busy today and we unpacked 5 more boxes in the kitchen -- 2 boxes of cookbooks (all shelved) and 3 boxes of my wine glasses, crystal candle holders and such. They've been in storage for 2 years and desperately all need to be washed. Eewwww. Then, we took about a dozen boxes out to the garage and got them stored away. I made the mistake of telling the neighbor boy that him and his buddy could sweep out the "attic" portion of my garage/barn. Ugh! We went out there today and they swept all that mess down onto the floor of the garage. They also threw down anything they'd found up there which included a bunch of just garbge. Before the summer is out, I can tell we're going to have to have a garage cleaning day where we organize everything and put anything that's trash out for our trash man and freecycle/craigslist anything that might be worth anything. Yuck! As if we don't have enough work to do inside the house, eh?

We also got a box in the mail that had some surprises for all of us. I do so love happy mail and there were comics inside for the boys which they loved. They're really getting into those kinds of things and I love it because it encourages their creativity and their reading.

Speaking of reading, that's my Just For Me thing today. Inside the box was a copy of the book 'Tis by Frank McCourt. I read Angela's Ashes a good year ago and had been wanting to read this one, but never really had the money to pick up a copy. So later on today, once the kids are bathed (Thursday is bath night round here much to their dismay.) and all tucked into bed, instead of spending time working on unpacking more, I'm going to curl up with something nummy to drink and what promises to be a great book.

What are you doing for you today?


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