Friday, July 31, 2009

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Finish It Friday - My Job

Egads, it's Friday already! This week has been swamped with actual for money, work! I know..unbelievable. While I really enjoy the work that I do for kgb_, it has frustrated me a lot this week to not really get any unpacking done or anything organized and put away. I am really going to have to work on a much better routine for this coming month. I have to put in a minimum amount of hours for work each month and I got so into unpacking/organizing that I came up to the last week of the month still needing 18 hours. Eek! It's had its affect on everyone here and I've learned my lesson. I won't be doing that again next month!

I have someone coming out here tomorrow to pick up the lawnmower that was left in our garage. I'd love to have all of those things out of here by September. The owner of the house said anything that was left here can be gotten rid of, so I'll be slowly purging those things as well as anything of ours that doesn't have a use or need (ok, or is reallllly wanted) around here. So far, I havent found much but then again, I haven't tackled about half (or more) of our box pile. I'm thinking though that I need to purge my coffee mug collection. I had most of it in storage and realized while unpacking them that there has to be at least 20 coffee mugs. I think it's safe to purge those once I get the chance. I don't know how much I'll actually get out of here, but if it's not loved, it needs to go so that's going on my things to work on list. I'll do it bit by bit and before I know it, things will be much better.

So, what am I finishing today? Work for this month. I have 4 hours scheduled for today and then I'm done til August..wait, that's tomorrow. Well, I'm not working this weekend so that I can spend some time playing with the boys and catching up on a couple of other things that need doing. How about all of you? What are you finishing today? As always, leave me a comment. The poor blog gets lonely without people to talk to. ;)


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