Friday, July 13, 2012

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The Sadness

Once upon a time, there was a little girl. Like all little girls, she started out life happy and sweet but over time, she grew more and more sad. You see, this little girl, unlike most little girls learned early on in life that she wasn't wanted. Her parents gave her away because they didn't want her.  Then, the people who took her treated the other little girl there better than they did her. The little girl was always smiling on the outside though because she learned that if you cry out the outside; if you showed people your hurt, they would only take that and hurt you more. So, she always smiled and she was always happy. She was a sweet soul. She would do her best to make sure everyone else was happy, even if she couldn't be. As she grew up, so did the sadness. It became a part of her but nobody but her knew about it. She couldn't remember a time when the sadness wasn't living inside of her.

One day, she met this man. Her sadness knew his sadness and over time, they became friends and she even found little pieces of happiness with him. Her sadness didn't like this though and neither did his. If they were happy, the sadness would have to leave. So the sadness planted thoughts in their heads. They told her that one day he would hurt her and leave her. They told him that she wanted far more than she had ever said. They muddled their words and soon, the man and the woman started being sad together. He listened to his voices and pulled away from her. He took away parts of what had made them so special together. As he pulled away, she listened to the voices that said "See? I told you that he never really wanted you."

They tried to fight the sadness. They tried to be this new thing, but slowly the sadness were winning. Slowly they pulled away from one another. She spent nights crying herself to sleep because all she wanted was for him to treat her like he used to. He grew anxious as he gave into his sadness. Where once they had been an amazing team, now they struggled to find themselves. The sadness was taking over their lives and it seemed they were helpless to stop it.

She grew panicked. She was watching the one and only good thing to happen to her slip away and she was helpless to stop it. She tried what she knew. She knew they had been happy once and desperately she tried to recapture that but it takes two willing people to hold onto something and the voices, the sadness had slowly sapped away his interest. It was too late. What they'd had together was gone and unless they could hold onto each other and drive the sadness away, there was no hope. Deep inside, she knew that this was it. This was her chance at life. Without this, she would give up. She would wither away on the inside and slowly wither away on the outside but she needed him to try as hard as she was. She needed him to be the same man who would get excited just by the sound of her voice.

In the end, they couldn't hold on. They let go and in that moment, the sadness consumed them. They were alone once more, never to join together.

I was going through some files tonight and came across this. Something told me I ought to share it. 


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