Sunday, July 15, 2012

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Clean Life, Clean House Challenge: Week 29 : Clothing

I know we're an entire day early and that I could have just scheduled this, but nah...I'm taking my kids camping tomorrow so let's just give y'all a sneak peak and then you can start tomorrow.

Last week was a make up week and I was going to tackle that top dresser drawer. Instead, I ended up tackling my top 4 dresser drawers! I collected half a trash bag of clothes that I'll be donating.  I know it's mostly empty at this point (we're doing a massive laundry catch up right now!), but here is my after picture:

It's nice to actually be able to see what's in there and know that there's plenty of room for when I track down the rest of my underclothes!

This week, the challenge is clothing and I swear I didn't remember that so I could work ahead! I just thought it'd be a good thing to do since we have a ton of clothes that are getting washed up and needed homes.

So, for all of you..pick a drawer, pick a closet, pick a kid and go through the clothes. Toss what can't be salvaged, donate what's still in good condition and put back only what you love and what fits!

Since I already did my dressers, I'll be purging as more loads of laundry get caught up on and only putting away what I really love and will actually wear.


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