Friday, July 6, 2012

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Blog Announcement: Reviews

Can anyone tell me who the man to the left is? Anyone? I know some of you can because some of you know him! That, my friends, is my best friend in the whole wide universe (cuz the world isn't big enough for how awesome he is), Walter. I don't believe that I've spent a lot of time writing here about him, but if you head over to Welcoming Weight Loss, I know he's been mentioned there. In fact, there's an entire post just about him. Yep, that's just how important he is.

Now, I bet you're wondering..What does this Walter fellow have to do with Katrina or this website? I mean, yeah, he's really cute and those are some dang cute kids he has there, but it's not (Almost) Wordless Wednesday. Could it be that Katrina has finally found the man of her dreams? Wait. No, that can't be it. She titled this reviews. Is she going to review him? Based on that picture alone, we could say:

A+ cuteness
A+ smile
A+ dad material

But now, that's not the kind of thing she writes here. What could it be? Katrina, please won't you tell us?

Ok, ok...first, let me say that you are right on all of those grades. Walter, well..if I start talking about him, I tend to gush. He's smart and funny and sweet and good looking and...and...see? I warned you. The truth is, any woman who manages to land this guy is going to be the luckiest woman in the world and she'd better treat him right. I might not be the right woman for him, but whoever she is..well, she'll have to be downright amazing to deserve him.

Now, for the real news...Walter has agreed to sign on here at the site! He's going to start handling some of the digital copies for review that have become more and more backlogged. Now, we're not 100% sure when he'll be starting because he's busy studying for a teaching certification. Did I mention that the man works with special needs kids? Yeah, you know how I feel about that..but as soon as he's done with the test, he's going to be bringing you reviews! Y'all know how hard it is for me to give up any amount of control so the fact that I'm excited about this means y'all ought to be bouncing up and anticipation!

So, keep your eyes open for not just reviews by me, but reviews by him as well!

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