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Comic Review: Ancient Dreams

It's the start of another insane week and I wanted to be sure to get y'all this review before it gets started! This is another book that I picked up in Chicago and I have to say that the lovely lady who handed it to me was indeed lovely. She was someone who you could just tell was totally passionate about what she did. Those are the people who I love working with.

"Abandoned by her mother and aunt to live alone with her twin sister Lily, Cara Wynter is eighteen and has been suffering from these horrific, painful nightmares of her own death for the last thirteen days. Born of a peculiar family boasting of dark witches and strangepowers, her already shaky sanity is trembling at a breaking point when a mysterious stranger named Drake rescues her and whisks her away on a trip across Europe to his home. There, Cara finds a book written by Drake’s sister that will guide her search for answers to the deadly nightmares that plague her.

As she explores the book’s pages, she finds herself transported to the blood-drenched sands of ancient Sparta, where she finds her eternal soul trapped in the form of another woman named Arias. She quickly understands that to preserve her life and love in the present she must merge with her eternal soul in the past. To do that, she has only thirteen days to remember, understand, and break a deadly curse that threatens both Arias’ life and her own. Now more determined than ever to end the fear and horror of her dreams and preserve a centuries-old love, she charges forward, facing her deepest fears to save a god she has treasured for longer than memory and a love that she cannot live without."

The Good : The artwork in this book is absolutely gorgeous. From the pencils (Mike Krome/Dawn McTeigue) to inks (Dawn McTeigue) to colors (Sabine Rich), it just comes together in such a way to powerfully back the fantastic story that JP Roth has put together.

The Bad : My copy of issue #0 got kind of beat up while waiting in the "Magic Review Bag." This is 99% my fault but I'm going to say the other 1% is due to the lack of a 3rd staple in the middle of the spine. Yep, that's the worst thing I can come up with.

The Summary :  Seriously, this book is totally worth looking into picking up. The story is one that draws you in and you want to know what happens next. The artwork is gorgeous. Run, spring, sign up for a marathon and go find this book. With any luck, I'll be back later to tell all of you about upcoming issues because this is one I'm putting on my follow this book list.

For more information on this book, check out its website or on Facebook.


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