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Comic Book Review: Star Crossed Galaxy

I know you're going to fall over in shock, but I have discovered the secret to being productive...are you ready for this? You have to do things! Woah, I know..freakishly frightening, right? I discovered that if you do things, things get done and that leaves you time to do other read comic books!

This pretty awesome looking book is another that some brave soul trusted me with after meeting me in Chicago at C2E2.  I say brave because let's face it, these books are someone's baby. Handing them to me must be like sending your kid off to school and waiting for that first conference where you pray you hear that your child is a genius.

So, let me fill you in on the latest book in my kindergarten class:

Star Crossed is an ongoing science fiction space adventure. The series takes place 500 years after a massive interstellar plague outbreak that nearly wiped out the galactic population and revolves around Captain Joseph Cull, an independent mercenary working for a galaxy spanning government known as the ARC. His mission is to hunt down and destroy the many pirate clans throughout the galaxy. Joined by a crew of outcasts and rogues, Cull travels the galaxy finding pirate strongholds and new worlds to explore.

Now, for my take on things:

The Good : It's not about zombies. Ok, I'm kidding. Well, yes and no. It's not about zombies but really that's not what makes it an interesting read. What makes this book different is that it's not another zombie or superhero book. It's a book set in outer space with a hard brash captain leading a group of misfits. The cover drew me in from the first time I saw it. I love the layout and the way the colors make the image pop from the page.

The Bad : Sadly, I think this is a book that could have used some color. The interior pages are done in black and white and there are times when I struggled to figure out just what was happening. Most of the time this wasn't an issue, but through out the whole book, I was wishing for a bit of color.

The Summary : If you're looking for something different, something that isn't about zombies, werewolves or vampires, this very well could be the book for you. It has an ongoing story line that promises to keep you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what adventures/mis-adventures the captain will lead his crew into next. All in all, a pretty good book that works well for that teen/adult set.

Want to know more about this book or its' creators? They're all over the internet! To purchase the book in digital format, head on over to Amazon or DriveThru Comics. Want to check out the author's blog? You can find it at Epic World Publishing. Really just want to say hi and see what they might have upcoming? Guess what..they have a Facebook page as well!

Until next time...this is your reviewer, signing out...


I received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. Mission accomplished. ;) All thoughts, comments and incoherent ramblings always belong totally to me. Unless they belong to Walter but he's busy studying so this one was allllll me. ;)

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