Monday, July 2, 2012

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Clean House, Clean Life Challenge Week 27

Since we started the Facebook group for this challenge, I have gotten lazier and lazier about posting these here and I apologize for that. This started as a blog challenge and I really would like for it to continue that way. For those who prefer the Facebook Group, please don't hesitate to head over there and send a request for an invite if you need it.

Until then, let's just jump right back in where we are, ok? This week, we're tackling our desks. Now, in this house that could be any number of spaces. There's the desk in the boys room, the desk in the office, the folding table in the office and my two tables in there as well. For this week, I decided to tackle the table where my laptop currently resides. Ready for the picture? It's not as scary as some of the spaces I've posted, but it still makes me cringe!

Yick, right?!? It looks like the dying ground of technology or something. Oh and let's just ignore the fact that I *may* have been playing a game instead of cleaning when this picture was taken. Well, it's just a starting point and not an ending point and by next Monday, I should have a much tidier space to show you. Until then, don't're not behind. Just jump in on this week's challenge. Any tidy space is better than no space!

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