Tuesday, June 1, 2010

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Tackle It Tuesday

Tuesday, Tuesday...another day in our wonderful lives. We don't have any big plans around here for today. I've been asked to put together a couple of websites for TrainREK Radio so I'm going to see about putting those together or at least getting the frameworks setup. I'm also putting together a weight loss blog for a group of us who are forming our own little weight loss support group.

The big tackle for today will be hacking away at another section of the backyard. When I went to Canada, the backyard got totally out of control. Since then, we've had so much rain that I haven't been able to get it back under control. I love our new electric lawnmower, but the poor battery just can't stand up to this long grass. I think it's going to take 4 more battery charges and 4 more clear days (with dry grass) to get it all down to a normal length. Once that's done, it won't be tough to keep up with at all.

That's my big plan for today. Wish me luck on getting through all of this!


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