Thursday, June 10, 2010

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Time for Me Thursday

Whew, what a day! Ben had an appointment with his orthotist in Grand Rapids so we were gone there for most of the day. We left the house at about 11:35 and didn't get home until after 4. It's an hour drive there, an hour drive back and we were there for at least 2 hours. It's tiring for all of us but it's a necessary evil. I feel bad for Ben though because he's gotten to the age where he realizes he's different. The poor kid sat in the office in tears because he didn't want another pair of afos. He doesn't want to need them. He got an encouraging word from Rex (the orthotist) and was told that there are a ton of kids who need to wear them.

After a quick stop off at Subway for a special treat for all three of us, we came home and just relaxed. Much to my surprise (and trepidation), Peter called and wanted to talk to me. This is pretty unusual so it always makes me a little nervous. I wish that it didn't. I wish that we were actually closer friends and that we could do things together. I would love to do things like take the boys out for their birthday dinners and such together. We may not be together anymore but in some ways, we're still family. Plus, let's face can't have too many friends and having us be friends makes life a lot easier all the way around.

So, anyway, he wanted to talk to me about finances and how we're handling some things. It left us both with some things to think about. I think we can work everything out so it works well for both of us though.

Now, I'm putting that aside for tonight since I can't do more with it until tomorrow and I'm enjoying relaxing and watching wrestling with Ben. Roger is playing a game on the computer and popping in and out to watch parts of it with us. I love that we can watch tv as a family and we're no longer doing it in the dingy dungeon that was our living room in Buffalo. It does my heart good which makes it the perfect time for me.


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