Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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(almost) Wordless Wednesday

Well now, the gals over at Sunday Shutterbugs didn't post a theme for this week. That's a bit frustrating but I'm sure that life just plain got in the way for this week. I know how that can go sometimes. So, keeping that in mind, I went into the archives and pulled out a random photo. I took this when Jim and I got to visit Niagara Falls. Man, part of me really misses Buffalo. I sometimes think that if it weren't for the boys, I'd consider moving back there. I wouldn't move into the basement dungeon again but I'd be a lot closer to some of my friends. I miss leaving near friends that I could see at least once a month or so. Also, is it totally random that my Amazon Associates window is showing me Fraggle Rock: Complete Series Collection? How does it know that I want that really bad? Weird, it shows it not once, but twice. Anyway, before I babble any further, here is this week's photo:

Where the side walk  doesn't end..


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