Monday, June 14, 2010

# menu planning monday

Menu Plan Monday

Wow, life sure got crazy in a hurry. I just realized that I will be gone all next week, taking the boys to their film camp. I'm thrilled that they get to go, but ugh! I have to drive back and forth 5 days next week and then find something to do for the 4 hours that they're there. I'm going to do the grocery shopping one of those days and maybe volunteer for a couple of the others. The Habitat ReStore always needs volunteers and I can just drop in. They won't care.

So, menus....they've been pretty hit and miss so far. I feel as if as soon as I start to get caught up in one area of the house, I realize another area is out of control. Honestly, it's frustrating but I know it's ok because it's slipping because I'm spending quality time with the boys and in the long run, that's far more important than whether or not there are some dishes in the sink.

That being said, here's our attempt at a menu for this week:

Monday - Taco Chicken
Tuesday - Beef Stroganoff
Wednesday - Mac n Cheese
Thursday - Spaghetti
Friday - BBQ Meatloaf
Saturday - Breakfast for Dinner
Sunday - Sandwiches

I'm not sure how well this will go, but we'll just have to see!


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