Tuesday, June 8, 2010

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Tackle It Tuesday

Woo! We made it to Tuesday and I actually got some fairly good news about the van. It turns out that the motor did burn out, but they're going to be able to get the window closed without having to replace it. The best part? They're willing to do it for no more than $20. I'll take it. Eventually I'll have the money to get the motors replaced but for now, I'll just be happy having the window closed.

So...Today's Tackle....Well, it's a bit multi part, I think. Part one happened yesterday when I talked to the boys about the chore changes that will be happening around here this summer. They got all dramatic, but what they don't realize is that they've already been doing part of it. Roger has been clearing after dinner and Ben has been taking care of any trash that's been created with dinner. They've been doing really well with remembering to put their video game and movies away and taking care of any trash that they create.

What I've decided is to break the household tasks down into daily tasks. Today's task will involve taking out the trash. Each of us has a different trash to be in charge of. I'm in charge of the kitchen trash and changing the cat litter. Roger is in charge of emptying the wall trashcans and hauling the big outside trashcan to the curb. Ben is in charge of the bathroom trashcan and hauling the outside trashcan back to the house tomorrow. Each of has a part in taking care of our home.

So, that's the plan! Once that's done, in the afternoon, hopefully we'll be getting the van fixed and then it's burgers and banana splits for dinner. Yummy!

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