Monday, May 31, 2010

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Menu Plan Monday

Woo! Monday again and it's a holiday! Happy Memorial Day everyone! The boys and I don't have any big plans for today. I'm doing my radio show and late on tonight we're going to cook up some brats on the Foreman. I'd love to say on the grill, but we don't have one and I can't afford to get one. It's on my wishlist for sure.

So, now that I gave away what we're having for dinner tonight, let me fill you in on the rest of this week's menu:

Monday - Brats & fruit
Tuesday - Burgers
Wednesday - Lasagna
Thursday - Homemade Pizza
Friday - Leftovers

No plan past that point, yet. The boys go back to their Dad's on Friday and I'll be picking them up on Sunday afternoon. I'll probably just work my way through any leftovers this weekend.


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