Monday, May 24, 2010

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Menu Plan Monday

Ugh. It's hot. Who the heck authorized it to be hot? It most certainly was not me. I can tell you that. This week is insane enough without us getting smacked with temperatures hovering around 90. Yuck!

Today was the boys' field day and I got up early so that I could drive over and enjoy it with them. It certainly was different than any of the field days we had when I was a kid. The kids all seemed to really enjoy the different stations that were set up. The boys got to play tennis, throw softballs, have a water relay, run races, do long jump and do high jump. I'm telling you that those kids will all sleep well tonight. You could see the heat just wearing them down as much as the physical exercise was. I did get a few pictures but spent most of my time helping to herd Mr. Willard's class around. Donna was there, as well, so she got some pictures that I already snagged from her facebook page. Thank goodness for technology, eh?

Now, I'm going to be honest here. I'm not making a menu for this week. There are a few reasons for that. 1.) It's blasted hot outside and inside. This house doesn't know what a/c is. 2.) I'm going to be running like a maniac for half of this week so I don't even know what times I'll be home. 3.) Ummm...I'm hot and tired and just don't wanna?

I will, however, be planning one on Thursday because Friday is my big shopping day. Starting Friday at 11:50am, I have the boys for the summer. I cannot believe how fast this past year has flown by! I'm probably only going to do enough shopping for a week because I want the boys to do some helping out with the menu planning this summer and we need to set up our summer routine. We're going to have one day every week to two weeks that we drive into Grand Ledge and do our grocery shopping, I think. The other option is to continue to do it in Hastings, just move it to the day that I pick them up from their dad's place. Something to ponder, that's for sure.

But, for now, I'm going to turn the fan so that it's blowing right on me and relax with some water and something on tv. I don't know what but I'm hoping something good is on. I'm feeling far too hot and lazy to go pick out a movie and put it into the dvd player. What would we have done before technology saved us from getting up off our butts? Well, I probably would have weighed a lot less which reminds me that I need to talk to nickle and Kath and Rob and Justin and ..and..and...well, I dunno who else about setting up our weight loss journey blog. No need to do it if they're not in.

Ok, enough babbling. Brain bake has set in for good and I need to try to avoid worsening the condition. ;)


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