Wednesday, August 19, 2009

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(almost) Wordless Wednesday

This week's (almost) Wordless Wednesday post comes right off my camera. Today as a treat, the boys and I stopped into Sunfield Coffee Company and got some lunch. We probably shouldn't have on a financial level but on a family level, it was just what we needed. We needed to get out of the house, enjoy something tastey and each other's company. To see other photos that were taken on our adventure today, feel free to hop over to our flickr account. The link is in the blog header for pictures or photos or umm..something like that. So, without anymore babbling, here is the delicious lunch that I had today!
Happiness Is...



debi9kids said...

Mmmmmm, looks quite yummy!
Glad you enjoyed some quality time with the family :)

Happy WW!

ps Popping over from 5MFM's Blog Frog. Figured I would say "hi" to everyone that comments on the thread I started :)

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

That looks like it was delicious!!!

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