Friday, August 14, 2009

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Finish It Friday - Box Sorting

Woo! It's Friday and tomorrow is the weekend! Ok, not that it makes much difference in our household. Our weekends look a heck of a lot like our weekdays. That's ok though, we're all happy and healthy. Money is strangling us, but we're not giving in. We're fighters around here.

Speaking of fighters, it looks like Roger is down for the count. The poor kid crawled onto my bed complaining his leg hurt and two minutes later, I look over and he's zonked out. Ben did that yesterday. He got mad about something and took himself off for a 4 hour long nap. Must be something in the water...

Tomorrow, the homeowner's husband is supposed to be here to actually fix a couple of things. From my talks with the neighbors, I'm going to have to stick to my guns and fight to have anything repaired around here. Luckily, there isn't anything major (that we know of) wrong with the house.

But, today is today and no sense worrying about tomorrow until it gets here. Today, I'm going to continue working on my "box organization" plan. I realized the other day that I spend as much time hauling boxes from room to room as I do actually unpacking them. So, I devised a new system. I'm stacking all boxes that are full of miscellaneous items in the laundry room. Across from that, I'm stacking all of the boxes that say books. Then, I'm going to start a stack for crafting things and all other boxes need to be hauled to the appropriate room. That way, I can clear some floor space and actually finish getting my final furniture pieces into place so I can then actually put stuff away. Good plan? I sure hope so!

What are you all wrapping up this sunshiney Friday?



Jim said...

Today is laundry and screens. Since money is so tight, I have a thought for you. I don't know if this is a violation of blogspot's TOS, but you may want o look into posting Amazon Affiliate links in your blog. You have mentioned books on several occasions and if you were to get an affiliate ID and put affiliate links to books you talk about, you would get between 3 and 10% on books ordered when they click on your link in your blog. It might not be much, but every little bit helps.

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

Today was running the car in for service and laundry. I do love a puttering day when you can just do a bunch of little things that need to be done. Tomorrow will be a putter day.

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