Wednesday, August 26, 2009

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Where I've Been

Ugh! Life got me! Actually, I think it was more like Mother Nature. Last Wednesday night, I'm innocently laying in bed when I hear this noise..and it keeps getting louder. Just as I decide I'm going to have to go figure out what it is, my cat runs into my bedroom with a bat..yes, a bat..hanging out of its mouth! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! He runs straight under my bed and I run straight out of the room. Not much totally terrifies me, but bats in my house is one of those things. I spent the night on the boys floor with the door firmly closed. Now, I figure I'll have to deal with a dead bat under my bed the next day..ugh, MN gets me again! I'd had no sleep so after running the boys to the dentist, running errands and then leaving them at their dad's, I was too exhausted to deal with a bat. I figure, it's ok, I'll deal with it tomorrow..nope, not my luck. I'm again laying in bed when I hear the noise again. Oh god, not another one. This time I grab the broom (yes, I know it's not a mighty weapon but it's what I had.) and head downstairs, but I can't see it. Then, I see my cat sticking his paw into this space..and yep, there's the noise. Well, I freak out..just a little, mind you..and go knock on the neighbor's door. Cept they don't answer. I call Peter (the ex-husband) who suggests I hit it with a golf club. Ok, clearly I am on my own in I try to be all brave. I go in the house, lock up the cat, clear a path to the back door and try to turn on the living room light so i can see it..cept the living room light does not come on. Oy! So, back upstairs to get the flashlight. I sit down for 2 minutes and see something out of the corner of my eye..oh dear lord, it's the bat. It got up here and was sitting in the corner of my room. Then, it started flying in circles above my head..cue hysterical screaming from me. Finally, it flew out the door and I shut the door. End my bravery. I finally made myself go into the boys room and open up their window to give it an escape route..and the next day, I escaped to my grandmother's for the weekend!

While I was there, I did get to get-together with some friends from high school which was great and I got to spend time with my family too which was nice. So, now that you know where I've been, I'm going to try to catch up on this blog!


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