Monday, August 31, 2009

# menu planning monday

Menu Plan Monday

Wow, here it is. The last week before school starts. That also means that it's the last week that I have the boys with me (except for every other weekend) until Christmas. I'm so not ready for this.

Of course, I also wasn't ready to take one of the babies to the vets this morning either, but that's what had to be done. Miss Mittens spent the weekend running a fever and with goopy eyes on and off. The vet prescribed some amoxi and that was that. We also picked up worm meds for the two babies and flea meds for all three cats. I've dosed them with the flea meds and worm meds and tomorrow morning, I start Mittens on her 10 day round of antibiotics. Hopefully it does the job.

Now, since it's the boys last week here, I've let them choose most of what we're eating this week so nobody be horrified by the fact that it's not totally nutritionally balanced.

Monday - Omelettes
Tuesday - French Toast
Wednesday - Mac n Cheese w/ Hamburger
Thursday - Brats w/ Chips
*Friday - Pesto Chicken
*Saturday - Pizza Rolls
*Sunday - Grilled Cheese

There we go. The food plan. It's totally unhealthy but we're going to focus more on enjoying those last days together. Maybe starting next week I'll plan healthier for myself.

* - Kids gone.

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Laura C said...

Hey Katie - I saw your post on "The Crop" and wondered where the heck you live. I'm in Olivet and grew up in Sunfield - small world

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