Wednesday, August 5, 2009

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Works for Me Wednesday - Routines

Routines are the cornerstone of my life. Some of the people who know me and those who have been reading here for a while know that I suffer from bouts of depression. One of the things that can set that off is me becoming overwhelmed. This move had a huge potential for sinking me, but my routines have totally saved me.

Each morning, I have a routine that I follow and then I have another one that I'm working on building for before bedtime. So, if I wake up and I'm feeling low or I just know that there's this huge list of things to get through, I always have a starting point. I've found that as long as I get up and I do my routine, things seem to be that much easier. Sometimes the hardest thing is to just get moving and with a routine, I always have a starting place.

The kids and I also have household routines. The garbage always goes out on Tuesdays. They feed and water the cat first thing after they get up. This helps keep our household moving smoothly. They know that on Friday's, they're going to clean their room and if they're headed to their Dad's, we're going to pack up their bag so everything is ready when he picks them up.

So, I encourage all of you who may be feeling overwhelmed by life to start building up some small routines. As soon as these become habit, they're going to make your life soooo much easier.


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