Tuesday, August 11, 2009

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Tackle It Tuesday - Kittens!

Happy Tuesday to all of you out in blogland and katieland and just to everyone! I have no idea why but I seem to be in a good mood today. I'm tired as all get out and have tons to do and stresses galore, but I seem smiley anyway. Well, good. *grins*

So, this week's tackle it is a bit different for our family. We were given two adorable kittens last night so today is going to be all about letting them loose in the insanity that is our home right now. Byron checked them out in their carrier last night and no hissing, no growling, only when can you come out and play? That's always a good sign. Poor cat also was forced into wearing a tag with his name and phone number on it. The other night, during all those horrible (well, horrible to him) storms, we came home and found that someone had opened our back door and let him out. He was terrified. It took me 20 minutes to convince him to let me get him to bring him back inside. Since he tries to sneak out sometimes anyway, I felt it best to spend the money and get him a tag. He was suitably horrified and spend a good 30 minutes throwing his body around trying to reach it to get off.

Have a great day everyone, we're off to get these kittens settled into their new homes! Cat litter to change, new cat litter to put down and a food bowl to track down. And in case you thought we weren't going to show you, here are the new girls...Bella (the grey) and Mittens (the black).

Mittens & Bella


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