Monday, January 23, 2012

# menu planning monday

Menu Plan Monday

Welcome to a new week! It's Monday and that means adding something new to my weekly schedule. This week, I'm adding back in meal planning. Without it, we spend too much having pizza delivered. Now, don't get me wrong, I could order out every single night, but if we want to get anywhere financially or health wise, it's time for me to get my tuckus back into the kitchen. I actually really like to cook and if I keep doing my Tuesday challenges, my kitchen will get back into the order it needs to be in for me to not trip over things while I try to do it!

Monday - Mac n Cheese (possibly adding in tuna/peas)
Tuesday - Salt n Pepper Pork Chops with salad
Wednesday - White Cheddar Chicken Pasta
Thursday -  Easy Peasy Calzones
Friday - Out for Roger's birthday
Saturday - Lasagna
Sunday - Baked BBQ Chicken w/ Salad & Garlic Smashed Potatoes

So there we menu and wow it sounds yummy. I just hope that I can go to the next step and actually cook this delicious food. I guess you'll find out next week. ;)


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1 comment:

Justin said...

OMG, this sounds incredible. I think I'll be cooking this for the week too. Yum!

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