Monday, January 2, 2012

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Tackle It Tuesday : Clean Life Challenge Week 1

I'm so glad that I wrote the other night. It's helped me pull things back into perspective and to focus more on what I can do. Things are still going to be rocky around here and chaotic but as long as I keep going and don't give up, it will be ok. So, in the spirit of just keep swimming..or in my case, just keep organizing...I have our very first challenge. Some of you may recall me doing a similar challenge last year before life swallowed me up.  The rules are really simple.

1. Come here each Tuesday and check out the challenge for that week.
2. Take a before picture of your area.
3. Post that each Tuesday with your post along with an after picture of the previous week's challenge.
4. Stop back here (or do this along with step 1) and in the comments section, leave a link to your post.

If I get enough interest, I'll put up a more official linky. Don't worry if your area doesn't look perfect. We're working on baby stepping our way to clean and tidy spaces. I bet you can finish this phrase just like my kids do...Progress not ...Perfection. They hate when I say that but they understand the concept.

Now that we've covered the rules, let's jump right into our first challenge! This week, I want you to go to your bedroom and look at the top of your dresser. If it's anything like mine, it's piled high and covered in dust. Don't believe me? Here's mine:

I do want to point out that my house isn't on fire. I have a small lamp that sets below where that doll is and I had it on when I snapped this photo. Combine that with the pink walls and you get the illusion of fire. See how messy that is? Eww!

I am so ready to tackle that area! In fact, it might even get tackled tonight. Make sure you come back next week for a new challenge and to see what oddities I found lurking on the top of my dresser!


PS Challenge posts will (hopefully) go up on Monday nights so that everyone has a chance to see the challenge before the day before pictures are "due."

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Carter Family said...

Sounds good to me... Im in...

LoLo VAn said...

Sounds good not sure how to post a picture can I send it to you to post?

LoLo VAn said...

Sounds good not sure how to post a picture can I send it to you to post?

TishaMarie said...

I am in, funny thing is that I don't know if I can get a before pic because I started this yesterday...with my night stand and dressers...without knowing anything about this post

MNMSpecial said...

Yes! I will just have to set a reminder!

Nickle said...

Going to take a picture and post tonight!

Andrea said...

I'm in and I'm bring my BFF with me! :)

Catalina said...

I'm in and here is my post too!

Shelloy said...

I'm in! I'm Andrea's BFF!!! Happy New Year!!!

TishaMarie said...

Here they are, my "almost before" shots and post

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