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Comic Book Review: Corey the Zombie Killer

I know what you're thinking. What in the heck is Katrina doing? Zombies? The girl is the biggest wuss known to wussdom and suddenly she's doing reviews on books that have the word zombie in the title? Has she lost her mind? Is she smokin' something? Has she finally cracked? Will she ever be the same? Why did it take her months to figure out that CZKWorld probably stood for Corey the Zombie Killer World? Are fruit snacks really a breakfast food?

Ok, or maybe you're just curious but not really having an entire internal dialogue like I just did. Just remember, I have never, in all of my 12+ years of blogging, claimed to be entirely sane or psychologically balanced.

Keep that in mind as I tell you about CZKWorld Studios' Corey the Zombie Killer. I first met the guys behind this book at the Detroit FanFaire back in September and after a couple of months of going back and forth, they sent me a digital copy of their very first book to check out.

Now, don't ask me why but I honestly thought this was going to be a fluff comic. You know, cute little kid goes around killing..wait a minute, how did I even start to think that? There's no logic in that thought process, what so ever. Ok, so I was wrong. This is not cute or fluffy. It's about zombies..and a guy who wants to kill zombies. Not cute. So, let's get started...

As y'all know, I like to start with the cover. Now, since this was a digital copy, I can't attest to the quality of the print. What I can do, is show you the cover. It looks like this:

"The story starts 1 year after the infection has taken place. This is where we find Corey (young human man). He learns his survival depends on finding someone to trust in a corrupt zombie ruled planet. Every turn is a twist....leading to the unforeseen and a rising body count. A rising human and zombie body count..."

See? Not cute or fluffy. All in all, a pretty good story though. I'm going to dub this a really good starter book with a few flaws.

The Writing: I would have loved to have gotten a bit more background information on the characters, especially Corey. While we're introduced to him, we really don't learn much about him. Overall, the story is well written with just a few bumps along the way. At one point, I felt like the writer had a bit of block and forced the words out. Then, he was right back at it. Overall, a really good starting point in a story that has a ways to go. I have confidence that the character will be fleshed out more in upcoming issues. (And that we'll see that girl again that he muttered a naughty word about..though I don't know why I think that. Psychic network?)

The Art : This is the first time, in a while, that I've seen an entire comic done in black and white. As it was pointed out to me, not all comics are done in color.* However, I think this one would have benefited from the depth that color could have added. That being said, I thought the art was nicely done. It showed the variety of zombies that are now living in this world. It made clear the conditions that people are now living in. All in all, nice portrayals.

The Problems:  Really, I only have one or two problems with this book that weren't mentioned above. The first one is just one of those things I can be really anal about. I found spelling and grammar errors as I was reading through the book. This is one of those things that an editor (or possibly spell check) would have picked up on nice and quick and was totally preventable.

My only other issue is with the art that comes at the end of the book. In these panels, we see Corey fighting a zombie and his face lacks a certain continuity. For a moment, I actually paused and double checked that another character hadn't entered into the scene. Due to the lack of color, I'm also unsure as to if this zombie was hiding in the shadows or if day suddenly turned to night.

Overall: I think this is a great first book for these guys. It has some rough edges, but that's nothing that can't be fixed with time and some more experience. I've heard rumors that the second printing should be on sale soon and if you'd like to check this out for yourself, just click on the link up above. After all, what's more fun than getting in on something from the start? If you get a chance, catch up with these guys at a con. If memory serves, they were pretty friendly and they had some pretty cool swag (yes, I am a swag addict) in the form of t-shirts and buttons.

Edit: Michael, author of Corey the Zombie Killer, noted that I forgot to mention how handsome he is. I apologize profusely for the leaving out of that. Folks, Michael (seen on their about page wearing an Ireland hoodie..and we know my weakness there!), is very handsome and I swear he didn't pay me in swag to say this (though if he would like to send me some, I won't write Return to Sender on the package. Please note, I am also available for proofing, for a small fee..probably more swag.).

I received a digital copy of this book. The thoughts (random and coherent, alike), opinions (the good, the bad & the insane) and everything else (except company logo and cover graphic) are 100% mine..except what I said wasn't mine. Those are property of  CZKWorld Studios. 

*Can I just point out that just because I don't read super hero comics and yes, companies send me their comics to review (which by the way works out nicely for both sides), it doesn't mean I'm a moron?

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