Wednesday, April 14, 2010

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Tackle It Tuesday

Whew! I was just too tired to write this post yesterday. I tackled something pretty important yesterday. I drove into Hastings and took Hemi(ngway) to the vet. The poor guy had to be fixed. His sister went into heat and we just don't need/want kittens. Since it's about a 30-40 minute drive into Hastings, I decided to spend the day there.

I went out to the Goodwill store and to Walmart. I've been trying to find yard/gardening tools for a good price. No such luck but I did find some good deals on items we do need. I also picked up some more seeds and 9 little baby broccoli plants. I'm hoping that the weather is nice this weekend so we can start working on our garden.

I also went and checked out the new library in Hastings. Oh my goodness, it is so nice! It's so much bigger than their old one. I so wish that I still had my library card from there. They do have free wifi there, though which is super nice for if I need to waste some time in town again. Plus, they have a used bookstore inside! I love used books!

After all of that fun, I picked up my Hemi boy and brought his poor drugged, drunken sailor looking self home. For those of you who knew he was going to the vet, he's just fine. The drugs wore off and he was back to himself today.

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Anonymous said...

Awww, poor kitty. Mine is limping around here because I just had him declawed. The guilt is killing me. LOL


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