Monday, April 12, 2010

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Menu Plan Monday

Ahhh Monday! The day of the week when I always have the best of intentions. Today is turning out pretty good though. I had a lovely lady from down the street pick up the fence posts and another gentleman pick up and load of stuff that I had found in the garage. In just a few minutes, I'm going to head upstairs to do some cleaning and organizing. Yesterday, the boys and I went through all of their toys and put together a garbage bag full. Sometime towards the end of the week, those will be picked up and be transported with a church youth group to Haiti. The boys and I feel blessed that we have things that we can give to help others.

On a less happy note, I'm in full pout that Klo can't use me for Novi this year. I know she would but the company has put a bit of a crunch on the budget used for shows. So, disappointing but totally nothing person.

Now, on a food note, I need a menu! I'm feeling a bit uninspired but have no fear, I'm going to work my way through the week and see what I can come up with.

Monday - Swedish Meatballs
Tuesday - Poor Man's Tuna Noodle "Casserole"
Wednesday - Taco Chicken
Thursday - Chicken Pesto pockets
Friday - Chili
Saturday - Spaghetti Tacos
Sunday - Leftovers

Whew! That took longer than expected. I'm off to grab some lunch and then to get to work!

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